Saturday, 19 February 2011

भला हुआ मोरी गगरी फूटी, मोरे सर से टली बला

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Munshi Raziuddin archives : Bhala Hua Mori Gagri Phooti

Like other Sufis, Kabir helped unite all.

Munshi Raziuddin has helped preserve this treasure of knowledge and poetry.

The late Munshi Raziuddin, a Sufi at heart, Ustad of Qawwali and Khayal sang for over sixty-five years. He successfully passed on the tradition to his sons “Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhammad Qawwal brothers”. The group in this rendition consists of himself, his four sons, grandsons and others.

Munshi Raziuddin’s family has sung Qawwali for eight centuries. He belonged to the Delhi Gharana of "Ustad Tan Ras Khan Sahab" who was a teacher of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Descendants of Mian Samad Bin Ibrahim who was the first pupil of Hazrat Ameer Khusroo and the Group Leader of the team, formed by Hazrat Ameer Khusroo called "Qawwal Bachoon Ka Gharana".

The Government of Pakistan honoured Munshi Raziuddin with the Pride of Performance in 1990 for his devotion to the field of Qawwali and research in music.